it's a frame of pixels
click and move anywhere on the screen to get an interactive 3D expereince,
click on objects on screen to interact
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Sample Projects
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What we do

  • To name a few,

    Mixed, Extended Reality XR (AR / VR) Games and
    Affordable, Quality XR content for everybody

    Hand tracking with and without controllers for objects interaction

  • Functional, Productive, Relaxing, Web Mobile and Console Content development

    Complete web development pacakages for bussiness and organizations Link to Complete Web Development

  • Our Visual effects section includes, roto/paint/cleanup, comp and effects

    Contact us for your specific needs Link to Visual Effects
  • tech partners

    Who we are

  • We are a group of like minded Developers, Artists, Creatives, Designers and Storytellers
  • We have been in the bussiness of creating stunning visuals on big screen, web and mobile devices
  • We are a fun and passionate bunch
  • We create interactive digital techcnology for various industries including entertainment and education
  • We beleive in creating productive and captivating visuals in the field of Mixed Reality
  • Reach us

    SloshEm - Mobile and Web Game

    Stylized 2D/3D game in development
    for web and mobile platform
    simple in form and yet pleasant and relaxing to play
    or just watch the graphics in motion

    Beyond - VR Game

    VR game sample
    with exiting game play on web, mobile and major VR Gear
    characters and environment above are not the actual game

    AR - Web, Mobile and most AR Gear

    Suite of AR apps in development
    above is an example of live screen mesurment
    AR apps to enhance user experience

    VR - Web, Mobile and most VR Gear

    Suite of VR apps in development
    below is an example of Depth Perception VR concept

    unreal samples
    updating shortly with interactive products for various industries

    using unreal engine , we cater to most industries for product promotions,
    training videos for organizations and interactive education
    sample of work to be posted shortly
    below is an example of unreal cinematics