it's a frame of pixels
click and move anywhere on the screen to get an interactive 3D expereince,
click on objects on screen to interact
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Sample Projects
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What we do

  • To name a few,

    Mixed, Extended Reality XR (AR / VR) Games and
    Affordable, Quality XR content for everybody

    Hand tracking with and without controllers for objects interaction

  • Functional, Productive, Relaxing, Web
    Mobile and Console Content development

    Complete web development pacakages for bussiness and organizations Link to Complete Web Development

  • Our Visual effects section includes, roto/paint/cleanup, comp and effects

    Contact us for your specific needs Link to Visual Effects
  • tech partners

    Who we are

  • We are a group of like minded Developers, Artists, Creatives, Designers and Storytellers
  • We have been in the bussiness of creating stunning visuals on big screen, web and mobile devices
  • We are a fun and passionate bunch
  • We create interactive digital techcnology for various industries including entertainment and education
  • We beleive in creating productive and captivating visuals in the field of Mixed Reality
  • Reach us

    SloshEm - Mobile and Web Game

    Stylized 2D/3D game in development
    for web and mobile platform
    simple in form and yet pleasant and relaxing to play
    or just watch the graphics in motion

    Beyond - VR Game

    VR game sample
    with exiting game play on web, mobile and major VR Gear
    characters and environment above are not the actual game

    AR - Web, Mobile and most AR Gear

    Suite of AR apps in development
    above is an example of live screen mesurment
    AR apps to enhance user experience

    VR - Web, Mobile and most VR Gear

    Suite of VR apps in development
    below is an example of Depth Perception VR concept

    Sense Link - Web and Mobile Application

    Complete web applications, Full Stack development
    with state of the art graphics
    innovative design, user experience at its best